• Cosmetic Ear Corrector for protruding ears for Babies..
  • Product is from Spain and comes the packaging is written in Spanish..
  • Imported from USA.
One of the key steps in the placement of Otostick baby, is the cleaning of the area with an astringent product, removing fatty wastes caused by sweat and moisture. It is appropriate to provide for at least 4 hours after placing Otostick baby to wet it or play sports that will cause sweating of the skin. There should be no hairs under the corrector. To avoid wasting Otostick baby correctors, in the case of active and restless babies and children, it is advisable to place them while they sleep. Otherwise, a bad movement could make Otostick cannot be use. Each package contains 8 correctors + a protective baby cap.Recommended use from 3 months of age. Each corrector has an estimated duration between 3 and 7 days, but it must be taken into account that, like any corrective product, in certain cases it may have a short adaptation period, caused by the lack of practice when placing Otostick, total knowledge of all placement steps and the characteristics of each ear.

Aesthetic correctors for protruding ears 8 units.