• INSTANT READ DIGITAL THERMOMETERS are best for cooking or baking in the kitchen and/or grilling on the BBQ. Whether preparing meat, candy, liquid - any food or liquid is brought to its precise temperature with our digital food thermometers..
  • We believe our pen style digital thermometer is the best out there and very easy to use. It can fit in your pocket or in any drawer in your kitchen - very handy. Also with its waterproof body and stainless steal probe and protective cover for storage it will last! Ours also has a LCD display screen so you can easily see the accurate temperature of your food, as well as a 1.5 volt battery included so its ready to use with purchase..
  • PERFECTION EVERY TIME with this measuring timer, you will never overcook your food again. On the stove, in the oven or on the grill your meat, liquid, candy, etc, can be brought to the EXACT heat you need for the perfect meal or desert! Easy to have in your home - just add to cart and purchase!.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GAURANTEED - Lucia's Cookware stands by its products as we want every customer happy, that's why we ensure 100% satisfaction every time..
  • Imported from USA.
Never want over or under cooked meat again. Whether you're cooking in your kitchen, or grilling over gas or charcoal, the very best way to know if your food is cooked to the correct temperature, as well as to your preferred taste, is to use an instant read meat thermometer. Rely on this thermometer for assurance that you've turned out perfectly cooked or grilled food every time. Lucia's cookware has the digital cooking thermometer that enables you to prepare perfectly cooked meals without the need to slice food open or leave huge knife puncture marks in your food. This model has an easy to read electronic LCD display, it also has an auto shut off to save on your battery life. The digital thermometer takes a 1.5 volt battery which is included with your purchase, for immediate use. It also features an extensive temperature range in both Celsius and Fahrenheit going from -58ºf to 572ºf or -50ºc to 300ºc. Our thermometer also comes with a protective cover to ensure the stainless steel probe is protected when not in use, which ensure a long life-span for your use.

INSTANT READ THERMOMETER by Lucia's Cookware. Best Digital Thermometer for any Food, Candy, Liquid whether Cooking or Baking in the Kitchen or Grilling Outdoors on the BBQ. Meat Thermometer.