• Easy open, easy pour bottles.
  • Multi-functional pool shock with algae-fighting crystals.
  • Creates crystal clear water.
  • Kills and prevents green, black and mustard algae.
  • Kills bacteria.
  • Improves filter performance.
  • Reduces chlorine odor and eye irritation.
  • Won't impact pH.
  • NOTE: *Packaging may vary*.
  • Imported from USA.
Enjoying your beautiful pool just got easier with the convenience and power of Shock XtraBlue. Other pool shocks stop at clearing a cloudy pool, but Clorox Pool&Spa Shock XtraBlue goes beyond other shocks to keep your water beautiful and swim-ready all season. The fast dissolving pool shock formula not only removes the bacteria and contaminants that can cause cloudy water, Shock XtraBlue also helps control algae growth including common green algae, slimy mustard algae, and stubborn black algae. It works this hard for you without bleaching your liner or affecting pH like other brands of pool shock. Use Shock XtraBlue as part of your weekly maintenance for sparkling, crystal clear water all season long.

Clorox Pool&Spa Shock XtraBlue 1 lb

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