• Sold in 6 foot strips. Buy only what you need!.
  • Already rolled and bag, making it easy to store.
  • "Hobby Came" measurements - perfect size for nightlights and small projects.
  • Imported from USA.
Here is the best line of came strips manufactured expressly for the stained glass industry. Packaged in handy individual coiled lengths for easy shipment and storage. 5/64" Round U, or hobby came as it's often called, has an extremely narrow face, allowing hobbyist to put a lead finish around small glass projects like suncatchers and stained glass night lights. Images above shows finished precut night light kits finished with hobby came. Sold in six feet pieces with a 5/32" channel. Face measures 5/64". Shipped already rolled and bagged.

5/64inch Round U Lead Hobby Came ( Rolled & Bagged)