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  • Hydrating cream based on hyaluronic acid, vitamin C.
  • High performing anti-ageing action.
  • Restores the vital hydration of the skin and reconstructs its natural protective lipid barrier.
  • Vitamin C is proven to increase collagen stimulation and is the skins most effective antioxidant. The only topical form of Vitamin C that can penetrate the skin is L-Ascorbic acid.
  • Imported from USA.
AURIGA FLAVO C - REVOLUTIONIZED IN ANTI-AGING CARE CREAM 30ML High level of hydration Preserve freshness Cleaning effect Anti aging effect / against the radical Flavo C cream - moisturizing care Like all organs, skin ages with time, appear wrinkles that become more apparent after sun exposure. F r e e radical damage to the DNA of cells and inhibit the healing effect. Variations in the structure of collagen and elastin causes loss of skin elasticity and the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It is therefore recommended to use products with anti-free radicals locally. Flavo C is specifically tailor-made to use the power of Vitamin C as an antioxidant as possible. It penetrates into skin perfectly reach the cell membrane and a photo-protective effect. With the Flavo C cream has a specific system based hydrating hyaluronic acid 1%. This supplying a high level of hydration of the skin and maintain freshness. Flavo C cream is rich and soft texture provides comfort and flexibility of the skin. Effects · Suitable for use on all skin types · The perfect addition to supportive therapy and Flavo-C serum · "Anti-ageing" effect, thanks to the included vitamins. C · With moisturizing effect (presence of powerful moisturizing complex) · Forms a protective barrier on the skin against the harmful effects Directions It is recommended Flavo-C cream can be used as a daily skin care, in addition to Flavo-C Serum 15 ml to moisten dry and dehydrated skin. Improves the appearance of normal and combination skin. Only a few applications it regains its elasticity, flexibility and softness. Active Ingredients Flavo-C cream contains hyaluronic acid and a polysaccharide complex. Due to its composition, the product affect the hydration of the skin, and thus contributes to enhancement of its collagen structure. Packages and storage Flavo-C cream - box of 30 ml. Once opened, store in a cool dark place

Vitamin C Hyaluronic Cream Flavo-C from Auriga