• Output 19.5V 3.33A 65W also replaces 19.5V 2.31A 45W. Connector Tip 4.5 x 3.0mm Blue Connector power supply adaptor. UL Safety Tested. This AC Adapter has a US cable plug and is compatible with laptop notebook models HP Stream 11 13 14 Series (Blue Tip) 740015-003 741727-001 740015-002 740015-001 HSTNN-CA40 TPN-LA03 Laptop Charger AC Adapter Power Supply Cable.
  • Pavilion 15-P228NA 15-P228NG 15-P228TX 15-P229NA 15-P229NG 15-P229SA 15-P229TU 15-P230AX 15-P230NO 15-P230NZ 15-P230TU 15-P231AX 15-P231NG 15-P231NR 15-P231TU 15-P232NG 15-P232NR 15-P233CL 15-P233ND 15-P233NR 15-P233TU 15-P234NA 15-P234ND 15-P234NG 15-P234NR 15-P234NZ 15-P234SA 15-P234TU 15-P234TX 15-P235NE 15-P235NG 15-P235NR 15-P235NZ 15-P235TU 15-P236NE 15-P236NR 15-P236NZ 15-P236TU 15-P237NA 15-P237NE 15-P237NF 15-P237NR 15-P237TU 15-P238NA 15-P238ND 15-P238NE 15-P238NG 15-P238TU.
  • Pavilion 15-P239NA 15-P239NE 15-P239SA 15-P240NA 15-P240NE 15-P240TX 15-P241ND 15-P241NE 15-P241NF 15-P241NO 15-P241TX 15-P242NE 15-P242NF 15-P242NL 15-P242TX 15-P243NA 15-P243NE 15-P243NF 15-P243NG 15-P243NO 15-P243SA 15-P243TX 15-P244NB 15-P244NE 15-P245NA 15-P245NE 15-P245NO 15-P245SA 15-P246NA 15-P246NE 15-P246NF 15-P246NL 15-P246NO 15-P246SA 15-P246TX 15-P247NA 15-P247NE 15-P247NF 15-P247NO 15-P247SA 15-P247TX 15-P248NA 15-P248NB 15-P248NE 15-P248NF 15-P248SA 15-P249NA 15-P249NE.
  • Pavilion 15-P249SA 15-P250NA 15-P250NL 15-P250NP 15-P250NQ 15-P250NS 15-P250TU 15-P250TX 15-P251NA 15-P251NB 15-P251NL 15-P251NO 15-P251NQ 15-P251NS 15-P251TX 15-P252NA 15-P252NC 15-P252NL 15-P252NP 15-P252NQ 15-P252NS 15-P252NU 15-P252TX 15-P252UR 15-P253NB 15-P253NC 15-P253NF 15-P253NH 15-P253NQ 15-P253TX 15-P254NB 15-P254NL 15-P254NS 15-P254TX 15-P254UR 15-P255NB 15-P255NO 15-P255NZ 15-P256NC 15-P256NS 15-P256NZ 15-P256UR 15-P257NA 15-P257NB 15-P257NC 15-P257NG 15-P257NH 15-P257NL.
  • Pavilion 15-P257NO 15-P257NS 15-P257NZ 15-P257TX 15-P258NA 15-P258NL 15-P258TX 15-P258UR 15-P259NF 15-P259NG 15-P259NS 15-P259TX 15-P260NB 15-P260NE 15-P260NG 15-P260NS 15-P260TX 15-P260UR 15-P261NA 15-P261NB 15-P261ND 15-P261NE 15-P261NO 15-P261NS 15-P261SA 15-P261TX 15-P261UR 15-P262ND 15-P262NE 15-P262NS 15-P262TX 15-P263NB 15-P263ND 15-P263NE 15-P263NL 15-P263NO 15-P263NR 15-P263NS 15-P263NZ 15-P263TX 15-P263UR 15-P264NA 15-P264NE 15-P264NL 15-P264UR 15-P265NA 15-P265NB 15-P265NF.
  • Imported from USA.
Pavilion 15-P265TX 15-P265UR 15-P266NB 15-P266UR 15-P267NB 15-P267NF 15-P267TX 15-P268NA 15-P268NB 15-P268TX 15-P268UR 15-P269NB 15-P269NF 15-P269TX 15-P269UR 15-P270NA 15-P270NO 15-P270TX 15-P270UR 15-P271NA 15-P271ND 15-P271TX 15-P272NA 15-P272ND 15-P272NG 15-P272TX 15-P273NA 15-P273ND 15-P273TX 15-P274NA 15-P274TX 15-P275NA 15-P275NB 15-P275TX 15-P276NA 15-P276NO 15-P276NY 15-P277NA 15-P277ND 15-P277NO 15-P277NY 15-P277TX 15-P278NG 15-P278NO 15-P278TX 15-P279TX 15-P280NY 15-P281NY Pavilion 15-P282NR 15-P282TX 15-P283NB 15-P283NR 15-P284CA 15-P284TX 15-P284UR 15-P285UR 15-P287NA 15-P287ND 15-P287SA 15-P288TX 15-P289NG 15-P289SA 15-P290NB 15-P290ND 15-P294NA 15-P294NF 15-P294TX 15-P295NF 15-P295TX 15-P296NA 15-P297NA 15-P297NB 15-P297NF 15-P298NA 15-P298NB 15-P298NG 15-P299NA 15-R013CA 15-R030WM 15-R063NR 15-R100NL 15-R101NA 15-R101NL 15-R101NS 15-R102NG 15-R102NS 15-R103NF 15-R104NG 15-R106NF 15-R107NF 15-R109NS 15-R110DX 15-R110NA 15-R110NS 15-R111NA 15-R111NS Pavilion 15-R113NL 15-R117NA 15-R122NS 15-R123NA 15-R126NS 15-R127NF 15-R127NG 15-R127NL 15-R128NF 15-R130NL 15-R131WM 15-R132NL 15-R132WM 15-R137WM 15-R138NL 15-R139NL 15-R150SA 15-R179NG 15-R189NG 15-R202NF 15-R202TU 15-R203NF 15-R204NG 15-R205NS 15-R206NG 15-R207NA 15-R208NA 15-R208NF 15-R208NL 15-R210DX 15-R211NA 15-R212NA 15-R212NL 15-R213NA 15-R213NL 15-R213NS 15-R214NG 15-R215NA 15-R216NS 15-R217NA 15-R217NL 15-R218NA 15-R219NA 15-R220NG 15-R221NS 15-R229NL 15-R230NR 15-R253CL Pavilion 15-R263DX 15-R273NG 15T-CC000 15T-CC100 15T-CC500 15T-CC600 15T-CS000 15T-CS0000 15T-N010SG 15T-N025SG 15T-N200 15T-N259EG 15Z-AW000 CTO 15Z-CW000 17-CA0006CA 17-CA0010NR 17-E000 17-E000EB 17-E000EO 17-E000EU 17-E000SB 17-E000SG 17-E001EB 17-E001ED 17-E003SG 17-E004EG 17-E009ED 17-E009WM 17-E010EO 17-E010SM 17-E010US 17-E011NR 17-E011SB 17-E011SM 17-E012NR 17-E012SO 17-E013NR 17-E014NR 17-E015DX 17-E015SF 17-E015SR 17-E017CL 17-E017DX 17-E018DX 17-E018SF 17-E018SR 17-E018SS

Laptop Charger for HP Pavilion X360 710412-001 Blue Tip 19.5V 3.33A 65W Stream 11 13 14 15-AY Series 15-BS Series 15-G…