• About this item.
  • Fluorid free toothpaste.
  • Bio-active tothpaste.
  • Imported from USA.
Fluoride-free bleaching toothpaste splat ultracomplex 100ml multi-action toothpaste gently cares for the whiteness of sensitive tooth enamelorganic calcium in combination with hydroxyapatite, effectively strengthens the teeth, increasing density of the enamel and eliminating the cause of excessive sensitivity. A combination of natural enzymes from the papaya and polydon breaks up film even in hard-to-reach places, facilitating high quality cleaning and long-lasting fresh breath. Potassium and zinc ions reduce enamel sensitivity and also exert a binding and anti-inflamm atory action on the gums.fluoride-free bleaching toothpaste splat ultracomplex contains no: fluoridefluoride-free bleaching toothpaste splat ultracomplex 100ml - made in russia now available in your german pharmacy! pzn number: 10185414

Splat Professional Series Ultracomplex Toothpaste, Comprehensive Care and Whitening for Sensitive Teeth